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The First and Only NO FEE, International Prepaid Debit Card

And the only prepaid card that lets you send money overseas with

No Monthly Fee
No Minimum Balance
No Deposit or Withdrawal Fee
No Foreign Transaction Fee*
No Balance Inquiry Fee

NO FEE FOR CONSUMERS – DUET is free of fees* to consumers.

DUET is the first, and only, global financial network that allows individuals and businesses to exchange value free from the burden of the excessive fees charged by banks, prepaid debit card providers, check-cashing and money transfer agents.

Remittances – funds transferred between individuals either domestically or internationally – has also been quietly reaping huge profits off the backs of consumers and business. Recent advances in technology have produced a rash of start-up companies offering “lower fees” for sending money overseas. Yet most are still charging consumers unnecessary fees and still, those services are unavailable to better than 65% of the consumers who need them.

Credit and Debit Card providers have been skimming billion$ from the pockets of consumers and business for decades. Credit cards have sucked consumers into a cycle of debt by charging outrageous interest rates and hidden fees with promises of “Cash Back” for using their cards.

Prepaid Debit Cards - Consumers at an economic disadvantage, for whatever reason, will find no relief in these services. In fact, these predatory financial operators were at the top of the list of consumer complaints in 2015. The reason? Prepaid debit cards do not currently have to follow any federal disclosure regulations regarding fees giving them free reign to hide the real costs. And those costs can add up quickly; Activation Fees, Expiring Balances, Deposit/Withdrawal Fees, Inquiry Fees and ATM Fees.

Check-cashing is another industry whose opportunistic practices are costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in needless fees. Research shows that for most consumers unable to open traditional checking accounts, check-cashing fees, over the course of a year, can add up to an entire week’s pay. Include the cost of Money Orders - which are frequently purchased at the same time - and the annual costs are even higher.

* DUET's Highly Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates may apply.


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DUET - packed with benefits you will not find in any other Prepaid Debit Card.


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